Giving It Our All (a message from the preschool)

Pastor Bill Hurst from Torrance California questions us...”Do we give it our all?  Why does it seem to be a challenge to us who devote time, talent and treasure to the Gospel?  How can we help these youngsters in our care see the value of that moment of generosity, no matter how small the gift may appear? How can we consecrate this moment for ourselves as well, placing all that we are and have in God’s hands?”


These questions are powerful for us as parents, educators, friends and even co-workers! In our daily walk do we truly give it our all no matter whether we can see the benefit? Our prayer for each of you this November is to challenge yourself and your family to see the grace and abundance of gifts that God has given us and how can we bless others with those gifts! Seek prayer in how to dedicate your work to making Christ known in our daily lives, for our children and ourselves by sharing those gifts!


At OSLS Preschool we are committed to having our students learn from the heart how to give back to serve others and to simply love those around us with thanksgiving! What a beautiful lesson for November as we all have Thankfulness on the heart and mind. Enjoy your challenge - enjoy your children guiding you in being Christ like neighbors! Enjoy giving it your all!


Happy Thanksgiving to all of our students and families here at OSLS, and to our community - we love each of you and know you are always being prayed for!


With much love and thankfulness,

Katherine L. Yeakel OSLS Preschool Director