Our Savior's has several after school programs for students that are fun as well as academic. For Preschoolers we have Enrichment.


The Enrichment program is intended to strengthen Kindergarten readiness with a hands-on, stimulating approach. The program includes engaging lessons, child-centered activities and incorporates long term projects that reinforce thought provoking exploration.Enrichment Class


The hours of Enrichment are scheduled after the child’s school day starting at 11:45am and includes a rest time, then lunchtime (bring your own lunch or pre buy from hot lunch program). Class ends at 2:45pm and there is optional day care available from 2:45pm to 4:00pm every day.


Enrichment meets 2, 3 or 5 days a week after morning preschool classes. The 2 day option meets on Monday, and Wednesday. The 3 day option meets on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


The program is taught by a qualified OSLS Preschool Teacher. Enrichment is hands on learning not day care.


Children must be 4 years of age to sign up for the program. Fees are listed on the Tuition Schedule. You can sign up any time during the school year but space is limited.


For more information or a tour, please call us at (949) 492-6165.