School accreditation is a process of evaluation which begins with a self-study, followed by a visit of objective observers. It is completely voluntary and is a national, rigorous process designed to evaluate schools on the basis of their unique purposes.  Standards used in Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)  Accreditation are based on national administrator, teacher and curriculum standards used by schools, both public and private, across the country. Faith formation is threaded throughout those secular standards and additional standards have been developed for Religion Curriculum, School Governance and Structure, and Professional Portfolios addressing national teaching and leadership standards.

Why do all that work?
* To help us evaluate ourselves based on our unique purposes and on national standards
* To help us improve instruction and services
* To help us develop a sharpened focus on our school’s ministry
* To create increased accountability to community, constituents, and congregation
* To become a school of known excellence in our community
* To receive appropriate recognition for our program

Our Savior's Lutheran School has been accredited for the last seven years and just last week completed a new self study and accreditation visit. 

We are very pleased to announce that the visiting team recommended another full seven year accreditation.  Additionally the team gave us the following commendations:

1.  Our Savior's Lutheran School and Preschool provides a nurturing, family-centered environment with a strong sense of welcome and community.
2.  The facilities of Our Savior's are well-maintained, child-centered, and adequate for the current programs.
3.  The entire staff understands and carries out the motto, "Love   Learn   Serve."
4.  The congregation of Our Savior's Lutheran Church views the school as a ministry and offers support spiritually, intellectually, and financially.
5.  Our Savior's Lutheran School has a visible and involved leadership team made up of the senior pastor, the principal, and the preschool director. 

We are so proud of the work all our teachers and students do to make this such an excellent school with an amazing academic record!  Even more so, we appreciate our parents and Our Savior's congregation members who, along with our staff and leadership, contribute to our loving nurturing environment. Thank you!