About Us

Our Savior’s Lutheran School makes a lasting impression on families. Located in the seaside village of San Clemente for over fifty years, Our Savior’s finds itself peacefully perched on a hill overlooking the Pacific. In a fast paced lifestyle area, where many parents find themselves working long hours to make ends meet and children grow up much too fast, Our Savior’s offers a unique alternative. It offers a safe, family oriented program where everyone knows your name and children are encouraged to be children. Yes, the pressures for academic and social success are many on the students at this school, yet students quickly come to realize that they are loved and respected for their individuality and soul. Standing in the parking lot, a visitor would quickly be struck by the numerous conversations and hugs between parents, parents and children, teachers and parents.

The impression that Our Savior’s School makes on students is brought vividly back to life when you hear success stories about alumni. Examples range from graduates writing college entry essays about their experiences at Our Savior’s, producing a nationally recognized documentary, or taking numerous honor classes, and becoming part of an academic decathlon team.  Our Savior’s gives students the best study skills possible, holds them to high standards, and engenders a sense of personal worth through the many opportunities to test their wings in speaking, singing, producing quality work. The best compliment of all is when alumni return with their own children and say, “My child has to go to OSLS because my experience here was so positive.”

Our Savior’s Lutheran School provides excellence in education in a Lutheran Christian environment and instills in its students the traits necessary to form healthy relationships based on character, integrity and mutual respect. Students, parents, educators, and church members celebrate and honor the diversity of gifts, abilities and backgrounds each contributes to the school community. 

The school’s motto: "Love, Learn, Serve" is simple but powerful. It reveals the heart of the school, which leaves a lasting impression on its families and on the lives of people served by its students. 

Our Savior’s Lutheran School is a great place to call “home.”