1. What are the class sizes and teacher to student ratios at Our Savior's?

Our current average class size is seventeen students per preschool class and fifteen students per elementary school class.  Our student to teacher ratio is 11:1.

In preschool our maximum class size is eighteen students.  All of our preschool classes have one full-time teacher and one teaching assistant. Kindergarten and first grade classes have a twenty-student limit, while the numbers in the remaining elementary classes never exceed 27, with an aide or a second credentialed teacher provided at 20 students for second grade and at 25 for third and above.


2. Is Our Savior's Lutheran School accredited? 
Yes, Our Savior's Lutheran School is a fully accredited preschool and elementary school.  This is a rigorous process in which we do an extensive examination of our teaching practice on a seven year cycle, with annual reviews. 




3. Do your students wear a uniform?

Yes, at Our Savior’s we believe that a uniform helps give our students a sense of pride and identification with their classmates.  Uniforms help keep the students focused on school, not on what they are wearing.  As a bonus, parents tell us the uniform greatly simplifies the morning routine.  You can purchase uniforms from True Grits located in San Clemente.  Click here for their website.


4.  Do you have to be a Lutheran to attend Our Saviors?

No, you don’t have to be a Lutheran.  Because we are a Christian school, we welcome people from all faiths and traditions. 


5. Preschool Parents as Volunteers

Starting September 2016 parents who volunteer in preschool in roles that provide care and supervision to preschool children must be immunized in accordance with SB 792 law.  Anyone who stays at the preschool and assists the staff in watching and supervising children including parents and other volunteers must have a copy of his/her immunization records and TB test on file in the school office before you will be allowed to be a Preschool volunteer.  This would include things like working in a classroom during a party or watching a child play on the playground. Those who volunteer in preschool and do not have contact with preschool children do not need to be vaccinated.  See the California Department of Social Services Guidelines for immunizations requiredParents who volunteer for Elementary School do not need to be vaccinated.