About Us

"Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." Matthew 18:2

Our Savior’s Lutheran School provides excellence in education in a Lutheran Christian environment and instills in its students the traits necessary to form healthy relationships based on character, integrity and mutual respect. Students, parents, educators, and church members celebrate and honor the diversity of gifts, abilities and backgrounds each contributes to the school community. 

The school’s motto: "Love, Learn, Serve" is simple yet powerful. Our Savior's motto reveals the heart of the school, which leaves a lasting impression on its families and on the lives of people served by its students. 


OSLS Evangelical Lutheran Education Association Accreditation


 Fully Accredited!

We are very proud that Our Savior’s Lutheran School is fully accredited by the ELCA. Accreditation is a very rigorous self-study in which schools examine and document their practices in curriculum, teaching, and leadership standards. The review team noted the following commendations:
1. Our Savior's Lutheran School provides a nurturing, family-centered environment with a strong sense of welcome and community.
2. The facilities at Our Savior's are well-maintained, child-centered, and adequate for the current programs.
3. The entire staff understands and carries out the school motto, "Love Learn Serve."
4. The congregation of Our Savior's Lutheran Church views the school as a ministry and offers support spiritually, intellectually, and financially.
5. Our Savior's Lutheran School has a visible and involved leadership team made up of the Senior Pastor, The School Board and the Preschool Director.