Student Outcomes from Our Values

1. We will provide a strong academic program in a Lutheran Christian environment by developing lifelong learners.


2. We will instill in our students the traits necessary to form healthy relationships based on character, integrity, mutual respect and God’s love.


3. We are students, parents, educators, and church members who celebrate and honor the diversity of gifts, abilities and backgrounds each contributes to the school community.


4. Developing Family Partnerships- We will facilitate opportunities for our students and their families to provide Christian service to our school community and the world beyond.


5. We will provide young people with the spiritual and academic preparation they need to become vital, engaged members of a global society.




Students at Our Savior’s Lutheran School will:


1. Live as grace-filled children of God, and use their time, talents and lives to make a difference in the world

2.  Love the Lord their God with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength
Love their neighbor as themselves

3.  Confidently learn and grow while humbly recognizing the diverse levels and kinds of giftedness of other people

4.  Excel in higher and life-long learning.

5.  Have honesty and personal integrity and persevere through hard work

6.  Graduate positive individuals who make a difference in their schools, communities, workplaces and families.

7.  Develop good stewards of our resources and model generosity and care of creation and people.

8.  Develop a lifelong curiosity.

9.  Exhibit joy and delight that flows equally from service to others and personal accomplishment.

10.Have self-worth based on God’s love which compels them to let their light shine before others.