21st Century Education Using Technology

Google Education Technology


OSLS is moving toward using the latest in technology for collaborative learning on Google’s cloud based model, which empowers and encourages students to be in control of their learning and technology. Google has dedicated much time, resources, and money to create a comprehensive and high tech learning environment for children, and by utilizing their system, OSLS students and teachers will now be able to benefit from their insightful investment in the future of education. Incorporating these cloud based resources and utilizing the latest applications, your child's learning experience is open to the latest educational applications, and you can learn more at the Google Education website


This year the 5th grade implemented 21 Century Learning in the classroom with Mrs. Cooper's class.  The program was successful and with such great feedback that we are now rolling it out to all grades in the Elementary school. During this pilot program, we used the Google Educational applications, both on our existing PC laptops. For the second phase of our program, we will be using the educational applications on the new Chromebox and/or Google Chromebook computers.


What does this mean for your child?  Your child's core curriculum will remain as is, but instead of taking children out of their classroom to learn how to use computers, your child will now be able to integrate learning their core subjects in class, every day using current computer technology. Children growing up in today’s tech savvy world already know how to use an iPad, tablet, or smart phone, so they are accustomed to using these same tools to take advantage of the cloud based 21st Century Learning Model.  Instead of seeing computers as something separate from their other academic studies, they will learn how to use today’s technologies in the classroom to enhance their learning experience in reading, writing, math, science, history, and so much more.


Will my child need their own computer at school?  No, every child will be provided with a Google Chromebox, Chromebook, iPad, or laptop PC that is compatible with the cloud based Google Education Platform. Starting next year, OSLS will be using program applications that run on web based browsers exclusively, and we will be phasing out desktop PCs, moving towards cloud based stations for every student. Cloud based “Software as a Service” (SaaS) means that your child will be using the latest applications, updated in real time, so they don't have use outdated programs, waiting for the latest updates to be installed on their computer.  This SaaS platform reduces management of computer systems for the class and allows teachers to always be working with the latest teaching technologies.  In addition, we'll be adding smart TVs to the class rooms so the teacher or child can present their projects to other students.


Do I have to buy software for my child?  No.  Most of the applications necessary for your child's education are free to schools or available at a reduced price, and your tuition will cover all of these expenses.


Do I need to purchase an iPad, tablet, or Chromebook for my child at home?  No.  If your child has an assignment they need to work on at home, they can use any device (PC, Mac, iPad, tablet, smart phone) to connect to the Google G-Suite.  They can pull up their work from home as easily as if they were in the classroom, and they can share with you what they have been learning!


What will my child learn with this technology?  Your child will still use many of the education programs that they are using today, and in addition we will be incorporating Google G-Suite, where they can learn how to write documents, work with spreadsheets, create presentations, do research on the internet, and share their homework and class work online with their teacher, classmates, and families.   Tracking your child’s progress and homework assignments will be as simple as checking your email.  Collaborative learning will enable your child to be ready for high school and beyond.