What is STEAM and why is it important?   STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.  The thing is, all those subjects are already taught separately in schools.  STEAM is something different because it involves the active engagement of the students in problem solving, critical thinking and cooperation.   For example, watching a video or a power point to take in information is technology, but it’s not STEAM.  Students working together to solve a problem and explain the solution using scientific method, technology, engineering, art and math is STEM.  Here’s an example: Our Savior’s kindergarten class developed an alternate solution for the gingerbread man to safely cross the river.  Working in groups, the students designed and built a bridge that would hold the weight of the gingerbread man.  Students were able to articulate the problem and explain what was necessary for a solution, including ramps or stairs (technology) to get on the bridge.  That is STEAM!  It gives students an opportunity to apply the knowledge they’ve acquired and to learn more in the process.